5 Ways To Pick An A+ Outfit


Who doesn't like when to someone cWhat iments them on the outfit they are wearing. With the right amount of preparation and creativity you are sure to get such compliments.

Keep on reading to find out how to create that A+ outfit 

1. Have Inspiration Sources
Be it a pinterest board full of your favorite outfits seasonally or your personal style board, or your favorite celebrities or fashion bloggers. Whatever source for ways to keep your look fresh and dynamic so you don't start from scratch.

2. Plan Ahead.
Create sometime to plan your outfits. Pair different pieces together to see which suits your style.

3. Invest in elevated staples.
A solid and stylish base to build your outfits off from would help create an A+ outfit without 
too much stress. It could be a blazer,just like the one in this post or a pair of pants that fit perfectly.

4. Include a third piece.
Consider incorporating more than two pieces, the end result will definitely give off a more polished, pulled together and interesting vibe.

5. Don't forget to accessorize 
Accessories add an extra pizzaz to any look. Be it a statement earring, a statement purse or
embellished shoes 

Get ready to slay with your outfits. What tips do you have to create that A+ outfit?



Shop The Look

Blazer: Mrp fashion similar here

Jeans: Vibrant jeans

White tank: Old similar here

Black body suit: Asos

Watch: Rolex

Purse: Old similar here 

Shoes: Depp similar here 

Beads: Chandrah beads 

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